is a regency (kabupaten) of East Java, Indonesia. It is considered the birthplace of Reog Ponorogo, a traditional Indonesian dance form.

the Culture

Ponorogo, generally considered the birthplace of Reog, is also known by the names City (of) Reog and City (of) Rasta. Each year in Muharram, Ponorogo holds a series of events called Grebeg Suro, "the party of the people". Grebeg Suro involves many traditional events such as the National Reog Festival, the Heritage Carnival and the Larungan Proceedings of Prayer, Gajahan and many more.

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Reog Dance

Reog is a traditional Indonesian dance. There are many types of Reog in Indonesia, but the most notable ones are Reog Ponorogo. Reog Ponorogo seems to be a kind of dance that demonstrates physical strength and extravagant lion-peafowl mask and costumes. Reog tells the story about the struggle of a prince who will propose to a beautiful princess. Reog Ponorogo tells the story of a mythical battle between the King of Ponorogo and the magical lion-like creature called Singa Barong. Reog Ponorogo usually consists of three sets of dances; each dance is performed by several dancers: The first dance is the opening dance, The second dance is the Jaran Kepang, and The third dance is the main attraction of the show; it is performed by all the Reog dancers.

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Some tourism objects in Ponorogo Regency are natural attractions, religious attractions, and culinary tours

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